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Our story


“Plain and simply no matter where you live or what you do here, everyone in Byron knows they are incredibly blessed to live in such a stunning environment. The beauty is most everywhere you look and I personally have travelled and seen many countries in my day but still… Byron is like no other I have ever encountered.”

– NAMI –


Nami was born in Byron Bay in 2000 by its owner and founder Karene Wodiske. Sixteen years later Nami is considered to be one of the leading fashion stores in town covering the fashion needs of woman, men and children. It was one of the first fashion store’s in Byron back then and since has amassed a strong following over the years.

“I have always strived to be the place where my customers can come to find locally made garments and products that are literally one of a kind pieces. I have always done my best to allow local designers the opportunity to showcase what they make and are passionate about. Some of these designers went national and then international such as “Spell” and “Rock Your Baby” for example so in my own small way, I know I helped make that happen for them. This is what keeps me interested in moving forward with other local designers that continue to come into my shop every week. They know I’ll give them a try if I like what they have and in this industry, that doesn’t happen very often.”

Supporting Local Creative Community

Byron Bay has some of the most talented people in world working hard to bring one of a kind designs to our town and if NAMI can do HER part to showcase their wears and possibly see them find their success locally, nationally or internationally, we are more than happy to try because that’s exactly what they are doing…trying! It’s our way of supporting our  community which in our opinion is the key to any local business being successful.



Now tell me about your life?

“I had been modelling across Europe and Asia for most of my 20’s and 30’s and when I arrived in Byron Bay there actually wasn’t that much of choice for “fashionista’s” like myself. Coming from an industry where fashion was everything, I learned a lot and felt I had a talent for bringing different pieces together that worked for me. I thought why not for other people as well in Byron as I knew I could help others create their own style and look just I had been doing for myself when I was modelling.


Fortunately, Nami was warmly received by the locals and non-locals alike who were all looking for something different than what was already available.”

– Karene Wodiske, Founder



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