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Nami Byron Bay would like to personally thank Elle Magazine for bringing to light the phenomenal success of Spell in their recent interview with the dynamic duo Isabella and Lizzy. In the recent Elle article the girls described Spell in three words that we feel depict them both wonderfully; beautiful, feminine and soft. And if we may, nami would like to add one of our own…talented! They deserve the notoriety they have received and have taken their label into the world-wide forum where it has been well received with open arms. Bravo girls… and from all of us in here in Byron Bay we are proud beyond what words can express!

The best stores for clothing/accessories are… The Spell store of course! We also love Nami, Hope & May, Our Corner Store and Island Luxe. – Elizabeth Abegg

All we can say is wow… Spell has literally gone ballistic with not only expanding their range from there once humble beginnings over 12 years ago but now literally on the pulse of what people are looking for in fashion. The girls and their wonderful team have become experts who are continually working hard every day to bring us the best. From the entire Byron Bay community, may we congratulate you all on a job well done! Nami, one of the first boutiques in Byron Bay catering to Woman, Men and kids opened there shop doors in 2002. We have supported Spell from the get go and continue to do so because quite simply… we love what they do. We continue to stock Spell and over 50 local and international designers. As the years have past, we continue in search of the wow factor at nami. The next time you come to Byron Bay drop in and get wowed. Read Full Article Here: A Guide To Byron Bay, By Spell & The Gypsy Collective’s Elizabeth Abegg



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